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National Microschooling Center Membership

The National Microschooling Center is a nonprofit resource hub and movement-builder committed to advancing the growth, health and evolution of the microschooling movement to live up to its fullest potential.

As a Center member you have access to our cohorts, such as the growth cohort, high school cohort, etc. You also have access to our learning tools and our discounted providers. Our growing community shares ideas, thoughts and resources in our members only Facebook group and here on the member portal. We also have various trainings and webinars that you get preferred priority to as a member. 

The cost is $100 annually per campus, and this covers every staff member at your campus if you have any staff you would like to have access to the resources.

Interested in being a preferred provider, nonmicroschool member or provider network member?

If you are interested in being a preferred provider, a nonmicroschool member, or a provider network member, click here, and please contact Kathryn Kret at

What do you get with membership?

Community of Microschools

Mentors who understand what opening and running a microschool is like, Virtual and in-person events connecting our leaders who share your interests, A virtual network where you can connect with leaders, post your questions, and answer others.

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Contact Us


phone: 702-202-3490


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