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National Microschooling Center Membership

An empowering hub for pioneering innovative learning environments.

Interested in becoming a member?

Our annual membership fee is $100. We are happy to work with our microschooling leaders - we have discounts and limited scholarships available. 

This cost is per microschool and allows your staff members access to all the member benefits.


Ready to join?

What do you get with membership?

A Community of Microschooling Leaders & Founders

  • Mentors who understand what opening and running a microschool is like

  • Virtual and in-person events connecting our leaders who share your interests

  • A virtual network where you can connect with leaders, post your questions, and answer others.

Affinity Working Groups

  • Want to continue your professional learning to help fully develop your microschool’s program to live up to the potential of its mission?

  • Membership gives you access to join specialized affinity working groups led by accomplished microschooling leaders in crucial mission areas like social and emotional learning and child-centered education.

*In-depth additional training may carry additional costs.

Access to Our Learning Tools

  • We have built relationships allowing us to share access to world-class content we’ve hand-selected at reduced costs.

  • We can also help you with platform-specific trainings.

National, State, & Local Policy Help

  • We help you understand the policy frameworks in your area to help you make informed choices.

  • We work with a great team of attorneys who can offer pro-bono legal help when absolutely necessary  to respond to regulatory pushback.

Help Reaching New Families

  • New parents reach out daily looking for microschools, as one of our members we will refer you when a family matches with you for a microschool option.

Trainings & Mentorship

  • Our training program for microschooling leaders (free for members) covers a lot of what can help you succeed from day one, including Operational Necessities, Measuring Effectiveness, Goal Setting That Matters, and more! 

  • We also offer our members one-on-one consultations to help with learning tool selection, budgeting, and other specific questions.

Contact Us


phone: 702-202-3490


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